Updated: July 4, 2022

The Evidence Diana Mersec Is A Bot Is Mounting

Getting a writer’s name wrong in the comments is a pretty big red flag

Robin Christine Honigsberg
2 min readJul 4, 2022


A picture pf a turquoise and white plastic bot with two black eyes against a black background.
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The theory Diana Meresc is a bot and not a person is making the rounds on Medium.

The idea that Diana wasn’t a real person but a bot was first brought to my attention by an article by Gustave Deresse in early June.

It made sense as I reviewed Diana’s comments about some of my articles and what she had highlighted.

As I was debating the evidence indicating Diana was more likely a bot than a real person, she commented on one of my pieces which made no sense in the context of the article. She also referred to me as “Christine,” my middle name; I write under my full name, Robin Christine Honigsberg.

I’ve been writing on Medium since March 2021, and never once has anyone called me by my middle name!

Her comment was phrased formally and mechanically, tipping the scales even further in favour of Diana being a bot.

Gustave Deresse updated their original article about how Diana was a bot and how they were blocking her, providing evidence her comments seemed off in the context of their article.

The comments by other readers about my original article showed most believed her to be an actual person until Gustave published their updated article, and suddenly everyone was questioning what she had highlighted and commented about their work.

Honestly, I don’t care if Diana is a bot, a penguin, a potato or a real person as long as her reading my work actually earns me some pennies.

But if her reads don’t count, I don’t need to waste more time debating the issue.

I’m sure they’ll be some comment by Diana, perhaps demanding another apology.

But I have nothing to apologize for; this is an opinion piece based on the opinions of more than one individual.

I’m just combining the evidence complied.



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