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Please bear with me and don’t unfollow me while I recuperate

Robin Christine Honigsberg
2 min readOct 8, 2022


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Dear Readers,

I’ve been sick the last few days and hope to be on the mend soon. There’s a small chance I have COVID; all I’ve been doing is sleeping for the past few days.

To Denise Larkin and the readers of my series, “Candle In The Cabin”, I promise to publish the last few chapters by mid-week, probably earlier, despite how I feel. If I can push myself to write this, then I can push myself through the final chapter and edits.

Just give me the weekend to rest and recuperate and I promise to start publishing again next week.

I had readers stop following me when I was depressed, which was very discouraging.

Please show your appreciation for my work by remaining one of my followers. For those who choose not to continue following me, thank you for your readership and I wish you the best.

Sending light and love to all,
Robin Christine Honigsberg💫

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