30-Day Writing Challenge — Entry Day 25

My First Cell Phone

It Could be Used as a Weapon

Robin Christine Honigsberg
1 min readOct 18, 2021


An old, gray Motorola cell phone from 26 years ago on a hardwood floor

My mother was very overprotective and neurotic, as only Jewish mothers can be. The summer I turned 19, I would often drive about an hour north of Montreal to visit friends working at a sleepaway camp there.

When I got stuck in traffic one Sunday driving home from the country on Visiting Day, my mother was thankful I had borrowed a cell phone belonging to the mother of one of my best friends.

What should have been a 90-minute drive took me over three hours, causing my mother to panic.

The following morning, my mother went with my friend’s mother to purchase a cell phone.

My father disapproved, but my mother didn’t care; she reminded him that she too worked and would pay for it herself.

Twenty-six years later, I still have that first cell phone, a Motorola the size of a brick that could be a weapon.



Robin Christine Honigsberg

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