It’s The Worst Day Of The Year For Me

The end of Daily Savings Time marks the start of my regular yearly winter depression

Robin Christine Honigsberg
4 min readNov 5, 2023


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It’s that time of year again.

The only day of the year I hate more than Valentine’s Day has arrived.

I’ve been dreading its arrival because it’s the day my yearly winter depression awakens from its year-long slumber and swings into action.

The end of Daylight Savings Time (DST).

Six innocent little words which foreshadow a tremendously negative, difficult time every year for me and I’m sure, many others.

Months of darkness, both external and internal.

The absence of daylight and Vitamin D will combine with my already-present depression causing it to become debilitating and incapacitating, requiring me to fight and struggle even harder than before to get through each day without breaking down completely.

This occurs every year at the same time — when we change the time back an hour to end Daylight Savings Time.

Negative Effects of the End of Daylight Savings Time

Alters Your Circadian Rhythm: Our body’s internal clock, our circadian rhythms, are disrupted by the the earlier onset of darkness and make us tired earlier. Research shows it can take people who work regular business hours several days until they can completely adjust to their new sleep schedule and can also cause physiological changes in them.

Health Effects: The end of Daylight Savings Time can cause sleep deficiency and as a result, can lead to health issues including type 2 diabetes, asthma attacks, mood swings, various mental illnesses, stroke and unhealthy eating and making bad diet choices (it doesn’t help Halloween is just prior to the end of Daylight Savings Time).

Vehicular Accidents: The end of Daylight Savings Time shifts the planet back to it’s natural path around the sun and the increased darkness causes decreased visibility. This is dangerous for drivers, especially during the morning and evening rush hours when it is dark and you’re more tired.



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