30-Day Writing Challenge: Day Nine

I Didn’t Understand

I’m sorry, Dad

Robin Christine Honigsberg
1 min readOct 3, 2021


Image of a pink hospital room with 2 iron beds against the wall between 3 windows, and a third bed that is perpendicular to the others, with an iron radiator on the right side.
Photo by Gilberto Olimpio on Unsplash

Everyone has regrets, big and small.

After 45 years on this planet, I have a lot of regrets. Occasionally life gives you a second chance, an opportunity to fix something you regret having done or not done, said or not said. I never got that chance.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t understand one of the last things my late father tried to say to me.

After having had two brain surgeries, my father had lost the ability to communicate clearly but tried so hard to make me understand his message; it seemed he wanted to tell me something very significant.

After numerous tries, all I understood was, “Robin, remember my words. When I die”…before he dejectedly gave up trying to make me understand the message he was so desperately trying to convey.

One day I’ll understand the end of his sentence.



Robin Christine Honigsberg

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