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10 Rules The British Royal Family Members Must Follow

Although many have been broken

Robin Christine Honigsberg
3 min readJun 28, 2022


A picture of “Buckingham Palace” face on, with a few tourists in front of the gates on a rainy day.
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The Platinum Jubilee celebrations may be over, but I’m still dedicating June to Queen Elizabeth and the British Royal Family.

The British Royal Family members have rules to follow, but these are a little different from the regular rules of society most of us peasants follow. Although most Royals follow the rules, occasionally, they get broken. After all, rules are made to be broken (except when it comes to Queen Elizabeth II)!

1 — No Autographs.
Members of the British Royal Family are forbidden from signing autographs for fear of fraud. However, The Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, got around this rule by signing “Hi Kaitlin” for a little girl.

2 — Females Members Can Only Wear Pale Or Neutral-Coloured Nail Polish.
Female members of the Royal Family are reportedly not permitted coloured nail polish; only neutral or pale colours can be used. The Queen only wears Essie’s Ballet Slippers; in 1989, her hairdresser requested a bottle and has used the same colour ever since. Both the Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex have been known to wear the same colour, but the Duchess of Cambridge often wears red or dark polish on her toes, and the Duchess of Sussex has been known to wear dark coloured nail polish.

3 — The British Royal Family members Always Travel With an All-Black Ensemble.
This rule is in case someone in the royal family passes or the royal family needs to appear to be in mourning for a dignitary or some other high-level individual.
This rule was implemented because Elizabeth’s father, King George V, passed away while she was in Africa. She had no black clothing and, upon her return, was forced to wait aboard the plane knowing the media would be out in full force until an aide could bring her an appropriate mourning ensemble. Only then did she de-plane.

4 — There Must Always Be Six Ravens At The Tower Of London.
There is a superstition six ravens must remain at the Tower of London at all times “lest both Tower and Monarchy fall.”
Today, seven…



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